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Recovery Court in Roane County, Tennessee, is Getting Addicts Off Drugs

There isn’t one State in the U.S. that doesn’t have a drug problem. But Tennessee is one of the hardest hit, and prescription painkillers are the most commonly abused. However, officials in Tennessee care about the people’s addictions, and are really working to make people aware of the consequences of taking these pills (and others), and helping them overcome addiction. Recovery Court is one of the State’s programs, and it’s working.

Charlene Hipsher, assistant to the local prosecutor of Roane County in Tennessee, recently spoke with NPR about Recovery Court, the County’s most recent initiative in their fight again drug addiction. “Tennessee Recovery Court is intensive supervision and treatment. It’s an alternative to a jail sentence that gives a person an opportunity to work on the addiction and hopefully leave the program as a productive citizen within the community.”

Judge Dennis Humphrey, Roane County General Sessions Court Judge is also the judge for Recovery Court. “We’ve learned that more jail, more jail, more jail does not work. It does not remedy the problem,” he said. “But something in the nature of a drug court does, to get to the heart of their problem, to try to remedy that, to try to work with them, to show them that we do care about what’s happening. “

In the NPR interview the reporter visited Recovery Court, where Judge Humphrey greeted one of the program participants with: “You should have heard them talking about you a little while ago. ‘I’m proud of Gabby’, someone said. ‘She’s come so far.’ And I’m proud of you too.”

Both Humphrey and Hipsher are very happy with the results. “By the time they have phased up to getting ready to graduate they’re a completely different person. They’ve had a personality change (they both chimed in). They look happy.”

Parents and other loves ones are happy too. “Thank you because I am seeing a light that’s coming on inside my daughter that I haven’t seen in many years. And she’s becoming that girl that I knew,” said the mother of one of the participants.

Charlene, who in addition to working for the local prosecutor also works for the Recovery Court and can see that she’s really changing lives. “There’s an old Appalchian song called I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal but I’m Going to be a Diamond Some Day. If treatment were available, I just think there are diamonds that are getting ready to bust out all over the place.”

Unfortunately, you have to be on the wrong side of the law to get this help. But there are also drug rehab facilities throughout the State. If you need help, call us. We’ll help you find one that has a good success rate.

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