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How to Detect Drug Involvement Early So You Can Prevent Disaster

As with a lot of other health-related problems, early detection is key to preventing and treating addiction. The longer you wait to address it, the more difficult it could be to overcome and the more problems it is likely to cause – including the possibility of overdose. How do you find out someone you care about is taking drugs early enough to avoid the trouble it can cause?

In Pequannock, New Jersey, one of the answers is workshops for parents. When young people are taking drugs, it takes parents, on average, two years to find out about it. Drugs can cause a lot of trouble in two years, and often that trouble is the reason the parents found out about the drug problem – their kids winding up in jail, having such severe problems in school that it warrants investigation, the school actually finding out about the drugs and reporting it to the parents, one of the kid’s friends dying or getting really sick, another parent finding out and reporting it, a damaging accident or, heaven forbid, their own child getting sick, overdosing, and even dying.

By the time parents find out about their kids taking drugs, it’s not that easy to handle.

A recent workshop in Pequannock helped teach parents what to look for so they could find out about drug problems sooner.

This is another grassroots activity getting the community educated and involved. Grassroots activities are amazingly powerful. Every community should have several going – for all the issues and problems that the people in the community care about.

Pequannock’s first workshop, sponsored by Community Partners for Hope (a coalition of 11 community groups and houses of worship committed to raising awareness about the opioid addiction crisis and alcohol and drug abuse), will be held on February 23, 2017. It’s called “Hidden in Plain Sight” and will cover:

  • how teenagers conceal their use of alcohol and drugs
  • spotting clues of possible drug and alcohol use in a mock up of a teenagers bedroom
  • the youth drug culture
  • substance abuse trends, signs, symptoms and lingo

They’re also holding another workshop on April 3, 2017 when former Boston Celtics Chris Herren will be speaking about how he overcame heroin addiction.

The 90-minute workshop starts at 7 p.m. at the First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains 529 Newark Pompton Turnpike. Check for more info and to register.

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