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Christie Renews His Commitment to Helping New Jersey Addicts

Just before Christmas, Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, stepped up to yet another podium to renew his promises to help people with the ‘disease’ of addiction. Christie generates a lot of controversy at times, and more so lately than ever. But this is one endeavor in which he always seems to win the hearts of the people – especially recovering addicts and people who have lost their spouse, their children, or other family members and friends to addiction. How available is addiction help in New Jersey? And what has Christie contributed to putting those resources in place?

According to former Dem Gov. Jim McGreevey, now director of the New Jersey Reentry Corporation – a nonprofit dedicated to helping former addicts – Christie’s done more than any prior governor of New Jersey and deserves all the praise he gets.

“Gov. Christie has done more through legislation, more through his leadership to address the tragedy and the pain and the suffering of addiction than any governor in the history of this state,” McGreevey told

What has Christie done?

  • He expanded the drug court programs. Now, a low-level drug offender can get treatment instead of jail.
  • He signed a bill giving greater access to Narcan – also known as naloxone – and drug that reverses opioid overdoses and saves lives.
  • And he set up a a 24-hour hotlinefor people who need help with their addiction.

And there are several other programs in the works.

After years of getting the idea from others that their spouses or kids are just plain losers, Christie’s viewpoint on addiction embodies what every parent, spouse and loved one wants to hear:

“I will not stand for the idea that any soul is irredeemable,” the Republican governor said to the many hundreds of people who attended a candlelight vigil as a sign of their commitment to help addicts who need it and to honor those who have already lost the battle. “Everyone has the ability to fight back from this disease, but we have to give them the tools to do it.”

When addressing thee addicts in the group, he said: “Look around you. Every one of these people is here tonight for you. To give you hope, to give you strength, and to let you know that in this state, as long as I am governor, we will not give up on one person’s ability to be able to save themselves if we show them the path.”

We don’t know how things are going to go for Christie in his last year in office. After his disastrous 2016, there’s a lot of work to be done to get his approval rating back up – it was 72%, and is now 19%.

But for those with drug problem in their life, I’m sure his approval is near the upper end of that scale and they will be happy to keep him on.

New Jersey has resources for addicts and if you or someone you care about has a drug problem, reach out. If you need help right now and are looking for a drug rehab program that gets results, give us a call.

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