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Meth Ruins a Family – Drug Addiction Treatment Saves It

happy sober womanMethamphetamine isn’t easy to kick, but thanks to an 18-month program through Minnesota’s Morrison County Drug Court program, Missy Strack is clean and living a whole new life! Here’s how she finally did it.

Missy started out on methamphetamine simply to lose weight, but what followed were many years on the drug and eventually getting to the point of selling it just to support her habit.

She was in and out of jail several times but no matter what she did or how many attempts she made to get off the drug, she just couldn’t kick it.

To make matters worse, her kids started doing drugs too. The morning she woke up in a jail cell and saw that her own daughter was in the same cell with her was the turning point. That’s when she decided she had to do something.

Fortunately, when she got to court, she was offered drug addiction treatment or a return to jail. She chose drug addiction treatment.

What made this program work for her when others didn’t? Let’s look at what is an addict up against when trying to quit.

  • The first thing is withdrawal. It’s painful physically and mentally. Every addict has at least started to go through withdrawal at some time or other. When the drug they’re on starts to wear off and they need more of it, they start the withdrawal process. It’s minor at first, but can quite quickly turn into trembling sweating, feeling extremely anxious, vomiting, the entire body aching as if you have the worst flu, not being able to sleep. Really, it’s quite a nightmare. Many addicts who have decided to quit start going through withdrawal and give up.
  • When they no longer have a drug to make them forget, they’re going to start looking at all the things they’ve done that they wish they hadn’t. The effects they’ve had on their kids, their parents, their spouse, their friends, their jobs, their financial situation, the damage they’ve done to their body, and their reputation. It might also include crimes – some of which (like theft) might even have involved the people they love the most. This stuff is not easy to look at.
  • There may be people in their life that they have to get rid of. Some ‘friends’ just drag you down – for one reason or another. Being around those people makes it very hard to stay sober. But how to eliminate them from your life or get them to stop doing whatever they’re doing can be difficult. And it’s sometimes hard for a person to figure out who those people are and what to do about them.
  • Addicts usually become addicts because they have problems in life or with themselves that they can’t figure out how to handle. When a person looks at the idea of getting off drugs, those problems tend to rear their ugly heads even just a little bit and the hopelessness the person used to feel about dealing with them. The problems were serious enough for them to want to be ‘out of it’, and they still don’t have solutions.

Reading an article recently about Missy’s rehab program, it’s clear that she dealt with all those things. That’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful drug addiction treatment. It paid off for Missy – who is now more than 400 days sober – and both her kids are doing the program as well. Her son is due to graduate in a month.

If you’re looking for help for yourself or someone you care about, make sure you get a treatment program that covers all those areas thoroughly.

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