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Police To Help Addicts in Jeffersontown, Mass. Starts in August.

You may have heard of the Gloucester, Massachusetts Police Department’s program to help addicts when they ask for it. Now another police department has joined forces and will start their own similar program in Jeffersontown, Massachusetts in August. However, waiting until August to get help for an addict is very risky.

What is the program? The Gloucester Police Department has the following notice on their website:

“If an addict comes into the Gloucester Police Department and asks for help, an officer will take them to the Addison Gilbert Hospital, where they will be paired with a volunteer “ANGEL” who will help guide them through the process. We have partnered with more than a dozen additional treatment centers to ensure that our patients receive the care and treatment they deserve — not in days or weeks, but immediately.

“If you have drugs or drug paraphernalia on you, we will dispose of it for you. You will not be arrested. You will not be charged with a crime. You will not be jailed.

“All you have to do is come to the police station and ask for help. We are here to do just that.”

If you’re living in Jeffersontown and have a loved one who’s hooked on drugs, you might want to check this out.

Jeffersontown’s program may be associated with different hospitals and rehab centers, they will basically offer the same help.

The Gloucester Police Chief, Leonard Campanella, who started the program initially and has been working to get the same program going in other police departments, has now teamed up with businessman John Rosenthal to found the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.), a nonprofit that helps other police departments get involved. Jeffersontown is the 100th law enforcement agency to become part of the effort.

The programs are funded with money seized in drug busts (can you think of a better way to use that money?) and by private donors.

However, while that is great news, the truth is that if you have someone who has a problem with drugs and who is willing to get help, you should get them into an addiction rehab program now – don’t wait until August.

One of the reasons why the police campaign is successful is because they get the addicts into rehab NOW. The police chief knew that was the only way it would work. Many addicts weren’t able to get help immediately and, chances are, if you couldn’t get them help then and there, you wouldn’t have another chance. So they don’t let them go home and think about it, and they don’t make them wait for days, or at all. They are assigned to someone immediately who will get them immediate help.

If an addict wants help, you have to do it right then and there. If you delay it at all, they WILL change their mind. And you never know when they’ll get up to the point of asking for or agreeing to help again.

And while you wait for another opportunity, you could get ‘the call’ from the hospital, the jail, or the morgue.

Sorry to say it, but that’s the way it is. None of those things are planned, and you never know of or when they’ll happen.

Back to the police program – it’s fantastic. Use it.

But don’t wait for it. If you need help now, give us a call at 855-889-0555, speak to a counselor who can help you find the drug addiction treatment you need.

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