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Help the Kids of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

A young girl who writes for her high school paper in Baltimore recently wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Baltimore Sun. She talked about the drug problem in Baltimore and how communities need to get together to help addicts.

“This problem should matter because these things affect other people,” she said. “If people have better parents, they can achieve more success in life. If we take care of this problem, children will do better in school.”

And she should know – her mother is an addict.

One thing she said about the children of addicts broke my heart.

“They won’t have to worry about what will happen when they go home in the afternoon.”

What might the kids of addicts fine when they get home?

  • If there are younger children, there’s a good chance they haven’t been fed all day. And there might not be any food in the house – other than food that’s  been left to rot.
  • And the younger children might well be crying, in pain, and thoroughly neglected. The older kids might even find that the younger one has taken some of the parent’s drugs and eaten them. In which case, the young one could be dead.
  • The kid might also come home from school to a parent that has overdosed, and died.
  • Or the parent is in agony because they’re going through withdrawal. And they’ve already sold everything of value – including things that belong to the children – to get drugs.
  • The mom or dad addict might be passed out on the couch or floor – which could be a blessing because when the parent addict is awake, they’re also beating or otherwise abusing the kids.
  • If parents are using meth, the situation could be far worse. The air in the house could be filled with toxic chemicals – enough that would cause police coming there to wear hazard suits so they don’t breathe any of it.  But the kids breathe it every day.

Living with an addict parent can be torture. The kids never know what to expect.

If someone in your life is on drugs, or alcohol, get them the addiction help they need. If you’re inclined to leave them alone because it’s none of your business, or you’re afraid to upset them – or any other reasons you might have – think of the kids. Whether they have kids now or could have kids in the future, as  a drug addict.

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