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30 Percent Increase in Kids Taken from Homes of Drug Abusing Parents in Florida County

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than kids being put in the foster system. Unfortunately, in Duval County, Florida, home to Jacksonville, it’s a major problem. And the vast majority of those kids are taken from their parents because of drug abuse. 

A company called Family Support Services contracts companies to remove kids from their homes when the situation could be dangerous. A spokesman for the company recently told The Fix that drug addiction use to account for 40 percent of the ‘removals’ in Duval County, but is now up to 70 percent.

Florida is not the only state experiencing this, but it’s among the worst. Family Services in many states are desperately in need of foster parents.

There is an effort to work with the parents to get them cleaned up but, according to some experts, it’s not enough. And it seems that kids are being removed from the home before there is even an attempt to get the parents into drug rehabilitation.

There aren’t any broad statistics on removal from the home in relation to other attempts to help the situation but Richard Wexler, executive director for the national Coalition for Child Protection Reform, in an opinion piece in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, suggested that treatment for the parents might be a healthier alternative to removal as the first action taken in such cases.

It might take more effort to do that in the first place – instead of removing the kids and leaving the parents at home, the parents would have to be taken to a drug rehab facility while their kids are cared for while parents go through the program. And since the drug rehab programs most likely to be successful are long-term residential program, it gets even more complicated. Taking care of the parents, the kids, the place where they live, and so on.

But would it really cost more to do that than to take the kids away from their parents, leave the parents where they are – and not getting treatment. Both involve a lot of expense, but I doubt it adds up to more than the cost of drug addiction, foster care, etc.

Of course, the best solution is to get parents through drug rehab now – before it gets to the point of having to take their kids taken away. If you know anyone on drugs who has kids, or if you are in that situation yourself, get into a rehabilitation program now – before the family is destroyed and the kids have to grow up without parents.

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