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Drug News: September 04, 2007

UT targets alcohol trouble – St. Petersburg Times

University of Tampa freshmen arrived on campus this semester to a new course requirement aimed at curbing underage and binge drinking.

Crossing The Line From Cocaine Use Into Cocaine Addiction – PR-GB
Cocaine use can be an extremely difficult thing to handle and if you have become involved in its use, it can be a hard thing to know if the line between casual use and addiction to cocaine is being crossed. No matter what the reason, it is important for you to understands the risks and dangers of cocaine addiction.

Addiction meeting – The Orlando Sentinel

The public is invited to a free meeting Thursday in Lakeland. The meeting will screen the HBO documentary Addiction. After the screening, the panel will discuss obstacles to recovery and solutions.

Prescription propaganda? – The News Journal

Dr. Susan Kirchdoerffer, a family practice doctor in Brandywine Hundred, said she routinely has patients in her medical practice ask her to prescribe a drug they’ve seen advertised on television.

Lowering The Alcohol In Wines – PSFK News

We’ve already noticed the introduction of lower-alcohol beers in UK pubs (maybe a way the drinks industry is trying to combat the trend away from the lunchtime tipple), and now we see the introduction of the lower-alcohol wine.

Hawaii tops nation in alcohol traffic death rate – Boston Globe

Deathly traffic accidents in Hawaii were more likely to involve alcohol than in any other state, according to federal government data.

Marijuana Added To List Of Drugs On WWE’s Wellness Plan – WWE News

WWE has told it’s wrestlers that marijuana is now a banned substance and will not be treated as a drug that is in the same class of other banned drugs.

Cracking down on academic steroids – The Cavalier Daily

While the most common forms of cheating brought to trial concern collaboration on tests and plagiarism, there is another form of cheating that plagues this university but rarely, if ever, goes to trial.

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