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Study Drugs Running Rampant in High Performance High Schools

There was an excellent investigative report on study drugs in a recent issue of the New York Times/Herald Tribune. Reading this report, you can really see that these drugs – Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse or Focalin, the drugs prescribed for ADD/ADHD but used by students to improve focus and clarity – are becoming epidemic in high schools. And many students are showing up in facilities that offer addiction help, either because they became addicted to the study drug or the study drug led them to take other prescription drugs (like OxyContin and other painkillers) and they became addicted to them.

“Isn’t it just like a vitamin?” asked one student. Clearly, high school kids don’t understand that when they take drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse or Focalin, they’re not taking a nutrient – they’re taking a dangerous drug that alters their brain chemistry. A very dangerous activity when your brain is still developing, which it is until about age 25. (Surprising, right?)

But that’s not the only problem with these drugs – they’re also in the same class as cocaine and morphine (Class 2) because they are so addictive.

But, in a way, it gets even worse. We’re not talking about kids who are running around on the street, in trouble, already in a life of drugs, crime and gangs by age 12. We’re talking about the kids who work their butts off in the best high schools to get good grades, get into an Ivy League college and leave their mark on the world.

Our future leaders.

Of course, some of these students won’t even make it to college – they’ll be in drug rehab instead. According to a counselor at one small drug rehab center in southern Connecticut, they‘ve already treated at least 50 or 60 high school students from their area – just this year. That’s in less than 6 months, and that’s only one small treatment center in one small area of one state. These kids were either addicted to the study drugs or taking the study drugs had led them to taking other prescription drugs which they then became addicted to.

And the DEA (drug enforcement agency) says it’s happening all across the U.S.

You do the math – that’s a lot of people!!!

Kids are getting these drugs from other kids – many of whom get them from their doctors for ADD/ADHD or for symptoms they’ve completely fabricated so they could get the doctor to give them the drugs. Sometimes the kids who have the drugs give them away, but most often, they sell them.

It’s a tempting way for a kid to make a lot of extra money – and with some kids thinking the pills are ‘vitamins’, it’s not going to weight too hard on their conscience.

Are your kids taking study drugs? ARE YOU SURE? Ask them, investigate. And, if they are, get them off them. Find a drug addiction treatment program if necessary.

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