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Colorado’s Marijuana Retailers Trying to Entice School Kids

There are nearly 400 places in Colorado where you can buy marijuana. Some are chain stores – one owner might have several shops. One of those owners, Brian Ruden, who had four stores as of last year and is still opening more, was recently stopped from opening another shop right next to a drug addiction treatment facility and two blocks from two different schools  – a college and a prep school.

Ruden used to be a tax attorney. He gave it up so he could sell drugs. “When I told my law school friends I was giving it up to grow pot, they laughed at me,” he told msnbc news last year. “Now, they’re calling me for jobs or to invest a spare $100,000. Now, I’m the one who’s laughing, because their money looks pretty paltry next to the $10 million offers I see regularly. It’s the dot-com boom all over again.”

Here’s the most recent lawyer joke I heard:

Q:  How many lawyer jokes are there?
A:  Only three. The rest are true stories.

Of course, there are ethical lawyers. Too bad about the rest of them, who give the good guys a bad name.

I don’t know that legalizing recreational marijuana is a bad idea – there are pros and cons to everything – and, of course, people are going to take advantage of it by turning into drug dealers.

But exploiting the situation to the degree that they try to open a shop next to a drug rehab center where hundreds of people come every week so they can try to stay straight, or a couple of blocks from two schools, one of which educates students who are almost invariably under 21, and the other with a huge population under 21, is taking it too far.

It’s like ambulance chasing. No, wait, it’s far worse. It’s actually causing the accidents!

That’s a serious predator. (Why don’t sharks eat lawyers? Professional courtesy.)

There are several reasons why this law passed:

  • Decrease the prison population
  • Increase the state income by tens of millions a year
  • Create new jobs (yup – drug dealing is going to become a career)
  • Save money on law enforcement and justice
  • Allow police to focus on other crimes

Encouraging more people to get high wasn’t really part of the agenda. At least, I would hope not. A nation of people who are alert is no doubt better off.

There’s a conflict of interest in play though. If the state wants to make money through the taxes and other fees they’ll collect by people opening businesses that selling marijuana, there’s also going to be a very strong interest in having that income stream continually increase.

And there’s only one way to do that – become a drug dealer. Not necessarily directly, but by encouraging and supporting others to do it.

Now that marijuana is infinitely more accessible, and legal, there’s going to be a lot more people getting stoned (i just hope one of them isn’t the pilot on my next flight). And a lot of those people are going to become habitual users who will have a hard time stopping. And, for a lot of them, it’s going to open the door to taking other drugs.

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