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Calabasas School in Rio Rico, Arizona Helps Parents Get Their Kids Off Drugs

Every day there are stories and news items all over the internet and in local and national newspapers and magazines about young people getting into trouble and even overdosing because of drug abuse and drug addiction. They come from every different type of environment, and all social and economic standings. A lot of communities are banding together to try to help the situation, including a program being run in Calabasas School, in Rio Rico, Arizona.

The Calabasas School is hosting evenings for parents to work together to formulate community and family plans. It’s surprising what people can do when they get together. Everyone comes up with ideas and, next thing you know, you’ve got some kids doing something other than taking drugs. And you actually save some families and some lives!

The meetings also include education and training – which are really the beginning of getting control over any problem.

The first meeting was held on 14 September and included dinner and a few gifts for participating. The second meeting is, 28 September at 5:30 p.m.

This meeting is only for the parents of 7th graders – the 7th graders can come too with their parents or a guardian so they can also participate in the planning.

A lot of parents have already experienced the consequences of drug abuse with their older,  adult, children and are very concerned about a similar thing happening with her younger kids. 7th grade is never too early to teach kids about drugs because they are introduced to them shockingly early. It’s not unusual to find 10 year olds who are already experimenting with prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol and so on.

If you don’t have kids in 7th grade you can definitely attend. If your kids are not in that grade but you would like to attend those or similar meetings, contact those in charge to see what can be done.

For more information on attending the meeting tonight and future meetings, contact Chamberlain at (520) 375-8600 or Teresa Sprigg at the County School Superintendent’s Office at (520) 375-7952.

If you already have older kids and adult kids who are involved in drugs and alcohol, give us a call. We can help you find a good alcohol and drug rehab program so that they can get this problem under control.


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