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Another Tool to Help Save the Lives of Addicts

happy guyA common marketing basic is that people don’t really consider communication from a corporation about their own product as credible. They want to hear about experiences from consumers – people who already purchased the product. That’s why reviews are so popular and why most people who buy products often research the reviews of a product online before they purchase – whether they’re going to buy online or at a store down the street. In Alaska, a group is now applying this basic to help people with alcohol and drug addiction problems.

The group is known as Recover Alaska, and the project implementing this basic is Day 001: Voices of Recovery Project.

The project consists of publishing videos and radio stories by Alaskans who take you through their personal journey starting from ‘Day 1’ – the turning point in their life that got them started on their road to recovery.

They come from all walks of life. A laywer, a sculptor, a composer and writer, a housewife, and a drug dealer. Some were ‘highly functional alcoholics’ – going to work, raising a family, apparently doing everything right – and some were living a life that gradually became isolated as their friends disassociated from them one by one. All kinds of stories.

The intent is to inspire. To let people who have drug and alcohol problems know that it’s possible to overcome their addiction and really change their life, and to get them to take their first step, start their Day 1, and make their life into what they’ve always hoped it would be. As these people have.

The videos are available for all to see on If you would like to make one of your own to help inspire others, the instructions are there.

And if you’d like to change your life, call us at 855-889-0555. We can help you get to Day 1 and beyond.

Isn’t it good to see something like marketing techniques do something that helps people instead of selling them another TV?

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