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Drug Rehab Getting Great Results Through Alabama Drug Courts

The state of Alabama will be opening 25 additional drug courts to help non-violent drug offenders get out of the correctional system once and for all. The drug courts will allow offenders to do supervised long-term drug rehab programs along with regular drug testing.

The 25 new drug courts being the total to 41 for Alabama – the goal is at least one drug court in every county, a goal no other state has attained. If the participants stay clean for one year, their charges will be dropped.

The courts are already seeing positive results. In fact, a recent article reported that that the recidivism rate for graduates of the program was only 9%. It also saved the state over $36 million in prison costs.

If drug courts continue to get great results through successful drug rehab programs, it’s quite possible that other states will follow Alabama’s lead.

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