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Prescription Drugs Taken As Directed Endanger Your Baby

Everyone who’s ever looked into the drug problem at all has heard about ‘crack babies’ – babies born to mothers who used crack cocaine while they were pregnant. It was, and is, a huge problem. Now, the same thing is happening with prescription drugs. It’s a very good reason for women who could become pregnant to get addiction help as soon as possible. But there is one thing that experts overlook – they say that the problem is with mothers who ‘abuse’ prescription drugs, prescription drug addicts. But does that mean that children of mothers who take their prescription drugs as directed are safe?

Hardly. In fact, many of the people taking prescription drugs – as directed by their doctor – are actually addicts. They’re not ‘abusing’ the drugs, but if they tried to stop taking them they would realize that they are in big trouble.

They would go through the withdrawal symptoms for that drug – feeling depressed or anxious, heart rate up, blood pressure up, they would feel nauseous, achey and flu-like – the list of symptoms is long. And some of them are actually medically dangerous.

Many people don’t realize they’re addicted to a prescription drug until they try to get off them. They also often misread the symptoms – they think that because it makes them feel bad to stop taking the drug, they actually need them. Often, they don’t. It’s just withdrawal.

If you’re taking prescription drugs as directed by your doctor, and those drugs are not medically necessary for a life-threatening condition – e.g. if you’re taking painkillers, sedatives, tranquilizers, and that sort of thing – and if there’s a chance you could become pregnant, it is possible that a doctor would say it is fine to stop taking those drugs. If so, you could look into the possibility of getting some addiction help to ensure your baby is safe and born healthy.

A good drug rehab facility will have you checked out by a doctor to make sure it’s okay to come off the drugs, and then help you through it.





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