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You Can Stop the Epidemic of Babies Born Addicted

If there’s any better reason to get someone off drugs – other than the fact that they could die and it’s ruining their lives and that of their family – it’s the skyrocketing stats of babies born as addicts.

How many drugs does a pregnant woman have to take for a baby to be born addicted? Usually we hear about pregnant woman who were still addicts when their baby was born. But a recent news story features a mother who was suffering from heroin addiction only for the first two months of her pregnancy.

You would think the next seven months of being drug-free would be enough time for the drugs to get out of the mother’s body and for the baby to be safe.

But that’s not what happened. The baby was suffering from addiction. When she was born she was going through withdrawal.

Unfortunately, she is far from the only baby with that problem, and the stats have gone way up in the greater Cincinnati area.

In 2009, 58 babies were born having been exposed to opiates while in the womb. By 2013, that number had climbed to 659.

When the numbers started drastically increasing the mothers were on OxyContin. Now they’re more often on heroin – like so many others whose prescriptions ran out or they could no longer afford OxyContin. Heroin is cheaper and easy to get just about anywhere.

According to one local treatment center that helps pregnant women get off drugs, only a small percentage of women who came there a few years ago were taking opiates. Now it’s up to about 85 percent of their patients. And those women aren’t the kind of women you would expect to be drug addicts – about 80 percent are white and from the suburbs.

Another addict featured was a heroin addict who got sick, went to the hospital and while there found out she was six weeks pregnant. She got addiction help immediately. She hasn’t had her baby yet, but let’s her baby turns out okay – unlike the one who was born to the mother who had been addicted for the first two months of being pregnant.

Being born an addict isn’t a very good start in life. And it’s hard to believe that children born in that condition are going to have a great life.

A recent story about an area of Australia with heavy addiction – 350,000 addicts just in their area, in this case to methamphetamine, with some kids as young as ten being afflicted – said the area had lost a whole generation.

Just think about that – a whole generation of kids being lost to drugs. And some of them are going to have children. What will happen to them? And who is going to raise them? Their grandparents?

If you’re a woman and do drugs – or if you know a woman in that situation – it’s very important to stop drugs long before getting pregnant so your body can get healthy and you can have a healthy baby.

Drugs don’t really make anyone’s life better. They may make you forget about your problems, but the problems are still there. And one day, you’re going to have to address those problems directly. Why not do it now instead of risking your life and that of your children?

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