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Would Addiction Help Still Be Needed if the Market Was Flooded With Fake Drugs?

In Australia it was reported that 25% of the MDMA (Ecstasy) seized contained no active drug. The question is: Do people taking placebos still need addiction help? I’m guessing that if you aren’t taking the drug you purchased, you may not need to get addiction treatment.

Recreational Ecstasy users have suspected that the drugs they were buying were of low quality but, lucky for them, the drugs were not drugs at all. If you tried selling non-drugs to U.S. consumers you might get sued – or worse – but you more than likely wouldn’t need any addiction help.

I am not sure anyone would find this particularly funny but perhaps the large drug companies could start shipping non-drugs to the Internet pharmacies selling them to drug dealers. The government could flood the market with non-drugs and prices would go down because of the unlimited supply. People would then be forced to get the addiction help services they needed because they didn’t have a supply of real drugs, only non-drugs. Just a thought …

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