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Woman Drinking at Drug Rehab After Killing Her Kid – What Are Her Chances?

A few months ago a mother who was having a drug party at her house gave her two-year old some methadone to shut her up. The methadone killed her daughter. The judge suspended his 10-year sentence in favor of five years’ probation with the proviso that the woman get addiction help.

So, she’s in the treatment center but has now tested positive for alcohol and has broken a few other rules. Her probation hearing is coming up soon, her lawyer will ask for another chance at drug rehab.

Earlier, the woman complained that the process was moving too slowly. That it was holding her up.

Excuse me? You just killed your kid! That’s called murder. You’re lucky you’re not in jail for life.

Chances are not good for this woman as far as I can see. Now on top of everything else she has to face up to about herself, she also has to confront the fact that she murdered her daughter. That’s going to take a hefty dose of responsibility. But she can’t even keep herself from drinking alcohol in an addiction treatment center.

Most people who are addicted to drugs are really deserving of help. But they have to step up to the plate themselves as well. It doesn’t sound to me like she’s doing that.

It’s true, drug addiction is almost impossible to overcome on your own steam. You need help. But when killing your own kid doesn’t raise your necessity to really take advantage of the fact that you have addiction help available to you, I’d say you might be too far gone.

Maybe she feels she has nothing else to lose.

Not too long ago she asked for her kids to be taken away from her because she knew she wasn’t a good mother. That should have raised some red flags with someone enough to insist she get addiction help. If she didn’t want it, she probably wouldn’t have reported herself – like a criminal who wants to get caught.

Not only didn’t she get help, she was also unable to arrange for help for her daughter. Now her daughter’s dead.

What a mess.

Do you know anyone that seems to be heading in that direction? Get them some addiction help services now. And make sure they go to a center that’s not set up to enable alcohol to get into the place.

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