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Wisconsin Cracks Down on Alcohol Abuse

You may have seen the tourist advertisements for Wisconsin. “It’s the cheese,” they say. Well, cheese isn’t the only thing Wisconsin is known for. In fact, alcohol abuse may be higher on the list of attractions for the locals.

From the University of Wisconsin Madison’s high rankings on the various party school lists to the 1,081 people in Green Bay arrested for drunk driving and the 182 who died in alcohol-related crashes across the state in 2010, alcohol abuse is a worrisome Wisconsin past time. Authorities are so concerned; they are soon to launch a coordinated effort between the police and various agencies in Brown County to crack down on drunk drivers.

Not only is the drunk driving statistic very high, roughly half of those arrested had been arrested for drunk driving in the past. Drinking is part of the culture.

Now is the time to get your friends and relatives addiction help for alcohol abuse if they have a problem. Not only will you help them stop drinking and possibly avoid jail time, you may also save some lives (maybe theirs) in the process.

We’d like to hear from some of the parents whose kids have been involved in drunk driving or other alcohol abuse incidents. We’ll post your stories on this blog – perhaps you can help other parents and kids avoid the same problems. And if the drinking problem is current, give us a call. We can help you get them addiction help services that will straighten them out.

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