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Will Meth Mouth Go On Decline in Arizona?

The Arizona police department received an unusual donation last week – a meth scanner. Concerned about the meth problem, a subsidiary of BHP Hilton, the world’s largest mining company, gave the police a scanner that can detect trace amounts of meth on any surface. Hopefully, this will enable the police to find and get addiction help for more people – as well as locating the dealers who are creating the problem.

Addiction to methamphetamine is a very ugly thing. It cause physical deterioration faster than just about any other drug, not to mention extreme personality changes. Check out the Faces of Meth for very graphic before and after images.

Some of the images show progressions – what someone looks like after 6 months, a year, two years, etc. The changes are so obvious, and so common, that it’s a good gauge to use to determine if someone you care about could be taking meth.

If so, get them into addiction help services asap. As you can imagine from the photos, their lifespan is usually cut pretty short. And life is hell in the meantime.

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