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Will Addiction Help Follow Senator Biden’s Investigation?

Senator Biden is looking into the problems caused by prescription drug addiction, dependency and abuse. He heard testimonies about the most commonly abused drugs – Vicodin, OxyContin, Valium and Xanax – and, according to The Talk Radio News Service, “experts’ testimonies at the hearing were appalling.” The whole situation is appalling and President Bush and others have known about it for years. The amount of addiction help necessary for the American public is staggering.

People are dependent on all of the above drugs and more. And some are switching from things like Vicodin to heroin because they can no longer afford Vicodin or can’t get any more prescriptions.

Biden should look into the manufacturers of these drugs and see if he can figure out why so many drug companies are making so much money. Don’t just point the finger at doctors: Find out why so many prescriptions are being written in Alabama for instance.
Kentucky, West Virginia and Florida have all been hit by this epidemic and more and more people need addiction help because of it.

If you need addiction help services, get them before it’s too late. Deaths from prescription drug overdoses are on the rise.

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