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Which Prescription Drugs are Killing Us?

China’s getting some pretty bad press these days. A few days ago I found out that kids are dying from chocolate – including Halloween candies – made with a milk powder containing an industrial chemical called melamine. And in today’s news, about this quarter’s increase in prescription drug deaths and injuries (4,825 deaths and 21,000 injuries in the last three months), I see that 779 injuries and 102 deaths were from a contaminated Chinese batch of heparin, the blood thinner.  China’s trying to make it into the big time, but they’re going to have to clean up their act to pull it off. Of course, the manufacturer is probably paying a lot less for the China drugs – all the better to line the pockets of Big Pharma.

Another 50 deaths and 1,001 injuries were caused by varenicline (Chantix), the anti-smoking drug. In total, there have been 3,325 serious injuries and 112 deaths from Chantix since it came on the market in 2006. That’s nasty.

The problems with Chantix include suicides, people trying to injure themselves, blackouts, seizures, and heart disturbances.  Pfizer, who sells Chantix in the U.S., put out a release saying that the large number of reports may be due to all the bad press the drug is getting. They also said some could be due to nicotine withdrawal. Huh?? Geez, mayb it’s because the drug sucks. Check out the Chantix side effects. It even carries the risk of physical dependency, which means you might also need to go into a detox center or get addiction help to get off them. I’d take cigarettes any day of the week. No contest.

Also among the top 10 drugs that caused the serious injuries and deaths were oxycodone, fentanyl, morphine, methadone and hydrocodone – all opiate painkillers, which definitely are highly dangerous, highly addictive and for which you definitely need addiction help services to quit.

Bear in mind that less than 10% of these types of incidents are reported to the FDA, which is where this data comes from, so the situation is a lot worse than it appears.

Long and short of it – living drug free is the best way to go.

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