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Where is the Addiction Help They Need in West Virginia?

When will Purdue Pharmacy and the other manufacturers of painkillers step forward to help the thousands of people who became addicted to OxyContin, Percocet or Vicodin? “Nearly a decade after OxyContin slammed into southwestern Virginia and much of Appalachia, the abuse of prescription painkillers in the region is worse the ever, police and public officials say,” (Nick Miroff, Washington Post). Who’s going to pay for the addiction help they need?

One person who could have used addiction help was Jeff Trapp. He went through $60,000 of his retirement savings supporting his habit. Jeff is now on methadone and drives 120 miles a day to a clinic to get his dose. He spends $18 dollars a day at the clinic ($540 a month) and probably $300 dollars a week on gas ($1200 a month).

Would things be different if the addiction help he needed had been available? Maybe not, 37% of the people in coal mining regions have ended up on disability. But I would say none of these people were warned about the dangers of OxyContin or painkiller addiction and that may have helped Jeff and countless others.

OxyContin addiction and dependency has cost people like Jeff far more then the $640 million Purdue Pharmacy has paid. Does anyone know how much Purdue has made selling these drugs to unsuspecting people?

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