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Unsuccessful Heroin Addiction Treatment – Methadone – Hits the Czech Republic

Other countries often follow what happens in the U.S. I was raised in Canada, I was always told that we were 10 years behind the U.S. In some ways, that’s a blessing. As the people in the Czech Republic are soon to find out – they’re going to get methadone to “treat” heroin addicts.

We’re going to export yet another unsuccessful ‘treatment – one that gets heroin addicts addicted to another drug instead of helping them get off drugs altogether.

There are plenty of addiction help programs that actually get people off drugs successfully. Why aren’t we exporting them?

But that’s really the way America works these days. Big Pharma makes sure of it. Got a problem, take a drug. Got a drug problem, take another drug.

The worst thing about this is that it actually looks like a solution. And when you have a solution to a problem, you stop looking for one. Which means that, just like in America, people all over the Czech Republic will be addicted to methadone and actually think they don’t have a drug problem. And many of the officials, doctors, and other professionals will think the same.

If treatment options aren’t working, find out what’s wrong with them and fix it.  Don’t just give up and park the person on another drug.

Oh, I know this post will bring a lot of methadone addicts out of the woodwork to tell me what an ignorant idiot I am.  And some people who will write in really do need to be on methadone – they’ve tried everything else, or their living in chronic pain.

But, the vast majority do not need it.

If you suspect you may be one of them, and would like to live your life without having to make a trip to the methadone clinic every day, contact addiction help services to find out more about your options.

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  1. Zenith says:

    Here I am! Just as you said–one of those despicable methadone “addicts” crawling out of the woodwork. Why? Because it just isn’t right to mislead people so deliberately in the name of making a buck for yourself.

    I have been to abstinence based treatment 13 times–it never worked for me no matter how hard I tried or how badly I wanted it. Most treatment of that sort is based NOT on evidence based scientific medical treatment, but instead, on a book written by a stockbroker who attended a religious cult called the Oxford Group and decided to import some of their principles into treating alcoholics, 70 years ago. “Treatment” is based almost completely on prayer and meditation, making lists of every wrong thing you have ever done from toddlerhood on up and confessing it to God and another person, and asking God to lift your “defects of character” from you, and attending endless meetings to remind you to do this every day and to recruit more people to do it as well.

    Sadly this just does NOT work well for most with severe addiction problems–especially opiate addiction, which can cause profound and permanent changes in the brain’s production of endorphins. Ignoring the physical aspect of addiction leads to disaster for many and repeated relapses.

    Two points–firstly, methadone patients are NOT “addicted” to methadone, which you, if you are indeed in the treatment industry, ought to know. There is a big difference between addiction and physical dependence–you have only to Google “addiction vs. dependence” to read about it. Addicted people have lives that are out of control. They lie, steal and manipulate, they take more than prescribed, the obsess over the drug and the next dose. This is NOT true of, for example, most people who take narcotic meds for chronic pain, nor is it true of most people who take methadone for addiction treatment. They are physically dependent, but not “addicted”–but that word packs a much bigger punch when you are trying to convince everyone that a medication determined by the World Health Organization to be on their list of “essential medications” is wrong, bad or evil.

    Two–why does everyone trot out the “standing in line at the clinic every day” argument when you know and I know that is NOT true? For the first 90 days patients do attend the clinic daily–however, 90 days is the amount of time that quite a few people spend in residential rehabs–ALL day EVERY day–and even if they only spend 28 days, it’s a lot more time than a few minutes at a clinic. And once you have been there 90 days you can begin earning takehome doses and by 9 months to a year you are eligible for a week’s worth–by two years, a month’s worth, in many places. I spend all of 15 minutes once a month at my clinic.

    You tout abstinence based treatment as the thing we should be exporting–the real treatment. But methadone did not appear because abstinence based treatment works great and most people do well and recover from opiate addiction with prayer and group therapy. Not everyone is using drugs because their parents abused them or they need to “confront their demons”–many people use drugs because their brain chemistry is dysfunctional and they are desperately attempting to medicate themselves–usually not very successfully. Proper stabilization of brain chemistry with appropriate medications can return the patient to a normal life–this is what science is discovering, and conventional rehabs don;t like it, so they try to put down and disdain medication assisted treatment, feeding on the natural fears and misconceptions of people. This is just plain wrong. Methadone helps many thousands of people to live a normal life that would not otherwise be able to do so. That is a fact.

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