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This is Rehabilitation – The Real Thing

When someone goes to drug addiction treatment, the goal is to change their life. Whatever led up to them taking drugs has been addressed, whatever is keeping them on drugs has been addressed, and they’ve changed those things in their life that continue to make them want to take drugs. That’s a tall order, but it is true rehabilitation. Here’s a perfect example of what should happen.

Anthony Sideri, whose story was recently covered by CNN, started drinking and taking drugs in high school. He was smoking marijuana occasionally, and having a few drinks.

But as is often the case, he started drinking more and taking more, and more dangerous, drugs.

While still in high school – where he was on the hockey team – his smoking escalated to every day before, during and after school. He was experimenting with psychedelics and, really, would try any drug he was offered. He also became a heavier drinker.

It started to affect his life – his grades dropped, he was no longer eligible for sports teams, and so on. But he didn’t care because he was either drunk or high on drugs most of the time.

That’s one of the biggest problems with alcohol and drugs – your life falls apart and you just don’t care. Not as long as you’re high. As long as you’re high on one thing or another, your problems are ignored.

After high school, he started on prescription painkillers. When they didn’t get him high anymore, he moved to heroin. And within a few years he was a heroin addict, using it every day. But he was snorting it, not injecting.

He still had a job – two, actually – a car, a place to live, and went to the gym. So … he didn’t really look at his drug problem. He figured that as long as all those basics were in place, then he was okay.

Then he started injecting heroin, and his life fell apart quickly. He lost everything.

To get money for heroin, he and another addict robbed a bank.

But, they got caught. That was 2007, and it was the beginning of his life really changing.

His next three years were spent in jail and rehab. The first couple of weeks in jail withdrew from heroin – writhing on the floor of a jail cell. And until just a month ago, he was also on probation.

His Life Now

Eight years after being arrested, Anthony’s life has really changed.

  • He hasn’t had drugs at all for all those years.
  • He’s married and has a daughter.
  • He’s back working for the family business.
  • He’s paid off his debts and cleaned up his credit.
  • He’s going to school so he can become a substance abuse counselor and does talks at high schools to help kids not do what he did.

After all those years on drugs, and truly hitting bottom when he found himself writhing in agony on the floor of a prison cell while he withdrew from heroin, Anthony truly is rehabilitated.

If someone you care about is abusing drugs or alcohol, get them into a treatment center that will go for that type of rehabilitation. Call us if you need help finding a drug rehab program that works that way.

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