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The Need for Addiction Help In Pennsylvania Has Reached All Time High

Hanover Hospital, in Hanover PA, sponsored a ‘town hall’ meeting to educate residents on Hanover’s drug problems. With 30 percent of police department calls directly related to drugs, and 60 – 70 percent indirectly related, Hanover Police Chief Randy Whitson expected a full house. “This room, with the problem that we have, should be standing-room only. This room should be packed,” he said. But the room was almost empty. Unfortunately, the community’s lack of interest may prevent people from getting the addiction help they need.

The police chief’s viewpoint on the war on drugs? “We’re losing,” he said. “We’re losing badly.”

Hanover is not the only area in Pennsylvania with a drug problem, and heroin is the state’s biggest problem – as it is in Hanover. ER visits related to heroin are 3 times higher than the national average, and 36% of people going into treatment for drug addiction help are on heroin – more than any illegal drug in the state.

If you live in Pennsylvania and need help with a drug problem, call Addiction Help Services. We’ll help you find the addiction help you need. 

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