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The Need for Addiction Help Boosted by Internet Pharmacies

Diane Finch from New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) has written an important piece about prescription drug dealing. 36 online pharmacies sold 100 million prescriptions in 2006. The main drugs sold were OxyContin (big surprise) and Hydrocodone. The drug dealers from the internet pharmacies in Tampa, Florida had to have a piece of the action. Another company benefiting from this was Purdue Pharmacy the company that brought us OxyContin and all of the subsequent addiction help necessary for the addicts.

Cardinal Health, the distributor for many of the narcotics, may have also had a hand in this. Cardinal’s license to distribute narcotics in Florida was suspended last year by the FDA. The amazing thing is that the drug companies must just sell these drugs to anyone who orders from them. If a pharmacy is delivering millions of prescriptions, shouldn’t the manufacturer or distributor have a responsibility in finding out where these drugs are going? Florida is mentioned, along with Puerto Rico, Israel, Colorado and Pakistan, as shipping locations. Some doctors in Florida are getting $25 dollars a pop for writing prescriptions. That could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.

If you follow the money, I’m sure you can find out who is writing the prescriptions – at least in Florida and Colorado. Addiction help services are available for Oxycontin or Hydrocodone is available.

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