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Teachers Need Addiction Help Too – Don’t Let Your Kids Depend on Them

You would think that schools would be a relatively safe place when it comes to drugs and alcohol. At the very least, you would expect that if you can educate and protect your kids from other kids who drink and take drugs, and sell them, you wouldn’t have much to worry about. And if you can stop them from drinking and taking drugs early in life, there’s a far less chance you’ll have to find alcohol or drug addiction help for them when they get older.

But, unfortunately, protecting your kids from other kids who drink and take drugs is not the only problem – even teachers sometimes give student alcohol and drugs.

Almost every week in the news you see teachers involved with selling drugs to students.

This week it was a special education teacher (of all things) who was also a softball coach. A woman.

According to the report: “This was all after hours, off school property. It was with the presence of this teacher on a couple of occasions and then also at another third location where the teacher was actually given the money and brought alcohol and then also was there while alcohol was being consumed by these minor students,” said Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

One of the parents found text messages between their daughter and the teacher and reported it to the authorities. After investigation, the teacher was charged with five different offenses. She has now resigned and is awaiting trial – out on $5,000 bail.

Another report was about a teacher addicted to heroin. Another woman, and only 25 years old. She and a partner stole 22 computers from Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts high school to buy drugs.

She wasn’t caught until she and the same partner, an ex-boyfriend, tried to rob a bank. She then confessed to the computer thefts as well as some thefts of personal items from neighbor’s homes.

We used to be able to look up to teachers. They were the go-to people when there was any trouble. And they could be depended upon to set a good example to our kids. Now we know that they might need drug rehab as badly as some of their students – or worse.

Some teachers in universities and colleges even condone the use of prescription drugs – so called ‘study drugs’ like Adderall and Ritalin.

So when you’re educating your kids about drugs, don’t just paint the picture of drug dealers and drug users being unsavory characters that hang out in dark alleys.

Drug abusers come in all shapes and sizes, and from every walk of life.

2 responses to “Teachers Need Addiction Help Too – Don’t Let Your Kids Depend on Them”

  1. B. Smith says:

    The issue for many teachers is that the public has an image of teachers having superhuman morals when in reality, teachers are just as prone to depression, fear, loneliness, and addiction as any other person you may chance to meet. The problem for teachers lies in the fact that they are oftentimes hesitant to seek treatment for fear of being looked down upon because of the sometimes unrealistic image that people have of them. Doctors, nurses, and attorneys have groups that help them when it becomes apparent that they are beginning to slide down that slippery slope of addiction, but to my knowledge, no such assistance exists for teachers. Once again, the system is broken…

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your input. Despite the fact that doctors, nurses, attorneys and so on have help available to them, their drug problems are just as bad as anyone else’s – including teachers. Yes, yet another broken system. Teachers deserve help. Especially since they have such a tough job, and have dedicated themselves to something very important.

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