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Taking Action To Prevent Drug Addiction In Your Kids

Some parents think they can’t do anything about drugs in schools – and the dangers they pose for their own kids. But taking action can help. Here’s the story of a woman who made a phone call about drug use to a local school. Her suspicions were followed up on, a search was done, and 10 kids were busted with stashes of prescription drugs and illegal substances. It was the school’s drug ring.

That one phone call is going to prevent prescription drug addiction (and other drug problems but, really, prescription drug addiction is the most prevalent), drug-related crime, and probably a few overdoses, deaths, injuries and illnesses.

I would hope the kids who were busted will get addiction help as well. The bust might also save their lives.

We recently had a rash of vandalism on our property. We knew who it was – a gang of kids that went to the school down the street. They stole a kids bike and threw it at our car – making a horrible mess – they knocked over our mailbox and punched dents in it, the broke our sprinkler heads. And a few other things. We knew when they passed by and waited on the street and confronted them. A few of our neighbors, whose property had also been vandalized, joined us. They stood in front of their property. We also went to the school and spoke with security – they knew who the kids were. They already had a reputation. And we called the police, who actually came and parked across from our house when the kids were due. The vandalism stopped. But, that’s what it took.

Taking action works. 

If you want to protect your kids, take action. And if they already have a problem, get them the addiction help services they need. 

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