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Successful Addiction Help Takes Motivation

When a person has a problem with drugs or alcohol they’re sometimes not motivated to do anything about it. Despite the fact that they may be temporarily numbed to the issues that drove them to addiction in the first place, those issues are still there. They couldn’t cope with them before, so what reason do they have to think they can cope with them now? That’s why people need someone else to take the reins and get them addiction help.

Once they’re there, get off the drugs or stop drinking for a while, they can get into actual alcohol or drug rehab then they’ll start to change their mind. That is – if they get into a program that will find and directly address the things the person was having trouble with and help them figure out how to live happily.

But until they get into addressing those problems, they may not have enough motivation to find addiction help on their own.

Sometimes a disastrous occurence in life is enough to spur them on. People have been known to just quit, cold turkey, when the motivation is high enough. But that’s pretty unusual – they may want to quit but when they start going through withdrawal, the pain or discomfort pushes them in the other direction. And getting off some drugs, and even alcohol, can be pretty painful.

At Alternative Choices, the drug rehab program run by the drug court in Tooele County, Utah, there stands a suit of armor at the entry way. The message? “Prepare for Battle” The people doing this program have motivation – rehab or prison. And the program works well – 85% of those who start actually hang in there and graduate.

Your son, daughter, spouse, family member or friend, hopefully, will not need the threat of prison to get help, but expecting them to do it on their own is like expecting someone with the flu – fever, chills, aches and pains all over the place and exhausted – to run a marathon.

They need you to do the running for them until they’re up to it. At Addiction Help Services we can help you find the help, and strength, you need.

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