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Student Gets Addiction Help for Adderall; No One Ever Figured out What Caused her Symptoms

Some people, including parents, students and doctors, don’t think of Adderall, or other drugs for the symptoms associated with ADD or ADHD, as addictive. But that is far from the case. Students often wind up needing addiction help to get off them.

Here’s the story of one young lady:

At 16 years old, she was diagnosed with ADHD. Her doctor prescribed Adderall. She liked it – a lot. Said it gave her a kind of euphoric feeling, which is what a lot of drugs do, and one of the major reasons people take them. She also said did better in school and her grades improved – for a while.

Then she noticed that when she took the drug it didn’t do the same thing as it did in the beginning – her body was building up a tolerance for it, so she needed to take more to get the same effect. Which she did.

The she stopped being able to sleep – which is logical because these types of drugs increase the activity in the central nervous system and the peripheral nerves. Like methamphetamine or cocaine (Ritalin is known as ‘legal cocaine’ by the way), they speed everything up.

And then she started to hallucinate.

All in all, this went on for three years. She became very addicted to Adderall, and she is now in a drug rehab facility getting the addiction help she needs.

So you might be wondering why the drug apparently helped at the beginning.

Basically, it seemed to help because of the effect created on the central nervous system. The body goes on alert, is more awake, has better endurance, can even be physically stronger. These drugs make you feel ‘up’ in a number of ways, which is why they’re nicknamed ‘uppers.’

But she hasn’t really been helped. In fact, no one even found out what was wrong with her. ADD and ADHD aren’t diseases – they’re sets of symptoms. Those symptoms are caused by something. No one ever figured out what was causing her symptoms. Instead, she was given a drug to try to control the symptoms, and that set her off on a horrible path – far worse than the symptoms she was experiencing.

The result – instead of spending her teens enjoying school, learning, having a good social life and growing into womanhood, she spent that time as a drug addict.

If you have kids who are exhibiting the symptoms known as ADD or ADHD, consider going to a doctor who is familiar with all the reasons why a person could have those symptoms and will do thorough investigation and testing to get down to the bottom of things. Most likely, that would happen with a healthcare practitioner who is oriented towards natural or alternative medicine. Fortunately, there are many such doctors around.

And if you already have a child on Adderall or some other drug for ADD or ADHD, consider getting them the help they need to get off them (that would be through a drug rehab facility), and find out what is really causing their symptoms.

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