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Should Your Child Get Addiction Help Before College or University?

For some parents, getting addiction help for their kids before they go off to college may seem like a ridiculous suggestion – especially since going to college should be an opportunity for kids to become responsible adults. But studies show that whatever alcohol or drug problems you child has now will get even worse in college.

One study, conducted by The Core Institute, the largest national Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) database about college students’ drinking and drug use in the country, surveyed college students and found that 93% of those in fraternities and 85% of those in sororities considered drinking a central part of the social life in college.

This is really disappointing when you consider that the ‘Greek life’ – which refers to those in fraternities and sororities – is supposed to represent commitment to high academic standards, becoming a good leader, dedication to community service and, overall, the demonstration of the best of best, not a bunch of drunks.

When the general population, including frat and sorority members, was surveyed, one third of college freshmen reported that they increased their drinking once they got to college.

So – long and short of it – they’re likely to drink more even if they’re not in a fraternity or sorority but if they do join the ‘Greek life’, it’s almost a certainty.

This should be taken seriously. There are a lot of incidents that take place in colleges that would never have happened had it not been for alcohol – accidents, injuries, DUIs, rapes and other sexual encounters, even deaths.

If your child is already a drinker or drug taker, consider drug or alcohol rehab before college.

They’ll get a lot more out of their education, and you won’t have to worry about them.

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