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Should Addiction Help Facilities Occupy Wall Street?

Why did Wall Street need bail-outs? Would you trust an industry or profession in which 90% of the workers either used cocaine or accepted it? Well, that’s exactly what the Drug Enforcement Agency found in an undercover drug operation in Wall Street. Maybe if more of these guys got the addiction help they need, things in the country would be saner, more ethical and just.

According to a report in the New York Post, “Many of the drug buyers were Wall Street traders, brokers and bankers who liked to spend their nights getting high after the market spent the day going low,” the Post said. They also reported that T.G.I. Friday, a restaurant in New York’s Financial District, was shut down by police after they discovered that the restaurant was linked to cocaine deals.

Another report in The Wall Street Journal said that drug testing revealed cocaine in 7 percent of tests. This is less than it was a few years ago, but employees and counselors on Wall Street said usage hasn’t decreased at all – it’s just that the testing is now announced before it happens. Which, of course, gives anyone the opportunity to stop taking the drugs soon enough to know that they’re not in their system at the time of the test.

In fact, a hiring manager at a major New York bank told a Reuters reporter that “Our drug test is not so much a test of whether you actually take drugs as it is an intelligence test to see if you can figure out how long it takes to get traces of the drug out of your system.”

The director of a local drug rehab facility said they’re ‘crammed’ with Wall Street coke addicts. Several other counselors, in other facilities, said that the Wall Street guys feel they’re entitled to the drugs since they work in a high stress industry. Another counselor said that not much gets done about the drug problem – that as long as someone shows up to work and does their job, they’d have to catch on fire for anyone to decide to do something about it.

Like it or not, the U.S. is pretty much run by Wall Street, along with a handful of multi-billion dollar industries like big pharma – which also have financial gain as their motivation.

In the meantime, the ordinary guy on the street faces the consequences of the financial crises that are caused by the Wall Street drug addicts.

The Wall Street drug problem isn’t new, there have been investigations of one sort or another going on for over 20 years. A lot of people have been arrested, including 114 dealers in the Financial District.

I can well imagine that someone who works on Wall Street doesn’t disclose the fact that they’re on drugs to their family. They probably explain away their symptoms to their wives, husbands, kids, etc., as the consequences of having a stressful job.

Do you live with someone who works on Wall Street? If so, don’t ignore their erratic or unusual behavior. Dig deep, and get them into a drug rehab program. Despite what they think, taking drugs is not making the situation any better. And it will get worse and worse the longer they keep taking them.

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