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Read Mitch Winehouse on Amy – Could This Happen to You?

Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s dad, has written a book: Amy, My Daughter, to be released on June 26, 2012. If anything will convince someone to get their kids addiction help if they’re drinking or taking drugs, this story would do it. But my kid is different, you say? Not so. The same thing can happen to anyone – and has happened to people from every walk of life.

Although Mitch admits Amy’s use of marijuana, he said she was always against hard drugs until she met her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil. Fielder-Civil’s parents deny that. In fact, they said that Amy was the source of Fielder-Civil’s drug problems.

Maybe so, but Fielder-Civil didn’t come from the best background – his mother, Georgette, is currently in jail in Leeds for burglary and fake gun possession.

And, although Blake also denied getting Amy into hard drugs, he later said it was his fault.

But that’s not what killed Amy. According to her dad, she’d been drug-free for years – despite her husband bringing drugs into the various drug rehab facilities she entered – Amy never handled her alcohol problem. She died of alcohol poisoning, after a binge. Very strange that this wasn’t fully addressed with her drug rehab program, a good drug rehab program would address the subject of ‘addiction’ – not just drugs or alcohol.

So many young people drink and take drugs these days, and many parents are reluctant to do something about it – at least, not to the point of insisting they get addiction help, even if it comes down to using an interventionist.

If you’re a parent, read the book. It’s not pretty, but it’s something that has to be confronted – it could be a matter of life and death for someone you care about. And if your kid’s on drugs or drinking, get them into a good drug rehab program now!

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