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Radio Personality Goes Through Hell Kicking His Methadone Addiction

Okay, so there are a lot of people out there who depend on methadone as a way to get through life. People who just can’t shake their addiction to opiates no matter how many times they go through various forms of drug rehab – if I’d tried drug rehab 17 times, I guess I’d consider it impossible to quit heroin, too – and people who live in chronic pain so severe that they can’t enjoy life in the slightest.

But those aren’t usually the people who are dying from methadone. Check into the story of Tim Strews, a former radio personality who, although he hopes to go back to his job, is also considering becoming a drug counselor so he can give others the addiction help he got that finally got him off methadone.

It was a long haul for him. He was in residential treatment for more than four months, and continued as an out-patient when he left.

Methadone is one of the most difficult drugs to kick. Worse than even the most seriously addictive drugs like heroin.

It’s also one of the trickiest drugs to control. It stays in the system for up to 10 times longer than it provides pain relief – which motivates the person taking it to take more or to take other painkillers with it. But that can cause the methadone to build up to toxic levels, which can kill you without any warning that there’s a problem.

Strews’ experience change his attitude towards people on drugs. He used to be pretty unsympathetic. How he sees that it’s almost impossible to stop taking drugs without help.

Badgering won’t do any good. Drug addicts need help. Contact Addiction Help Services to find an addiction treatment center that’s suitable for your problem and resources.

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