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Prescription Drugs Turn People into Heroin Addicts

Officials in Tennessee are predicting a surge in heroin addiction. Why? Is there a bumper crop of poppies in Afghanistan? Have the Mexican drug cartels pumped up their marketing efforts or lowered their heroin prices? No. It’s because there are so many people suffering from OxyContin addiction and addiction to other painkillers and prescription drugs, and those drugs are SO expensive, that the addicts are switching to heroin.

Why aren’t they just getting addiction help to overcome their problem? Well, that’s the nature of addiction; people don’t just walk into a drug addiction treatment center because they can no longer afford to support their addiction. They find ways to get the money – usually illegal and dangerous – or they find cheaper drugs.

Are we talking about druggies shooting up in alleys? No. We’re talking about the middle class – white collar workers and high school and college students coming from nice homes.

They tend to snort or smoke heroin instead of injecting it – that makes it more socially acceptable AND they have the false idea that if you don’t inject it, it’s less addictive – and dealers will even deliver to their homes, offices and dorm rooms.

It’s a regular gourmet take-out and delivery.

And instead of paying $30 to $80 per pill for OxyContin, hydrocodone or other prescription drugs, they only pay $10.

Prescription drug addiction is more common than you might think. It’s epidemic all over the U.S., and there’s a good chance that someone you are close to has a prescription drug addiction or abuse problem – your kids, some of their friends, your nieces or nephews, even your spouse.

If you need addiction help for prescription drugs – for yourself or anyone else – contact Addiction Help Services. Don’t let your family and friends turn into heroin addicts. Now is the time to help them change their lives.

4 responses to “Prescription Drugs Turn People into Heroin Addicts”

  1. Alex Quinn says:

    Great article that is very true. Most heroin users start off using over the counter drugs and then eventually get hooked on heroin. They will steal from everyone they know to support their habit. Heroin addiction is a very sad and heartbreaking thing to watch a loved go through. I do not think most people understand how hard an addict life is. Once they become addicted, they become a different person and often lose many family and friends. Often they become homeless as their life evolves around trying to get their next high. Please do not ignore anyone with a heroin addiction or any other addiction, and help them get the treatment they need.

  2. Eric Moore says:

    This is very true. Infact, it is very common with the youth of today. There are more young adults addicted to heroin today, caused by these prescription drugs then any other. Sad, glad to know that you guys are helping and I will refer clients to you as they arise. Glad to know that you guys are doing your share in helping this world become a better place. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help.

  3. Eric says:

    I love your article, it is very helpful. Here is another Article that I found to be helpful.

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