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Prescription Drug Addiction and Your Credit Score

Prescription drug abuse and addiction can be caused by many things, but how about your credit card company. Picture getting home opening your mail and someone or a computer has decided you are a bad risk. Your monthly payment has gone through the roof and your interest payment is now more then your whole payment used to be. In fact based on the new interest payment you will be paying MasterCard, Visa or Amex for the rest of your life.

You know what is wrong but the anxiety won’t go away so you ask a friend for some Xanax or Valium. 60% of prescription drugs taken non medically are received from a family member or friend. It might be that you don’t consider this a non medical reason as you are stressed out.

The next day you get some more and within a few days or weeks  you are addicted to a benzodiazepines or you go to your Doctor; he spends 7 minutes with you and he gives you a prescription , you haven’t stopped worrying exactly but you are  stoned so what the heck. You take your medication, the credit card company won’t quit calling so you up the dose without calling your physician.

Some how you realize that the problem is with your credit scores and the Xanax isn’t working so you try and stop and feel so bad you can’t. You still have a prescription and everything is legal so you don’t worry too much. You may be embarrassed but rather then go through withdrawal you just keep taking them. You can’t stop because the drug is addictive you have become dependent on the drug and no you aren’t a drug addict you just physically need it.

The social impact of this type of prescription drug abuse is increasing every day.  Prescription drug abuse can get started in many ways and you don’t have to feel embarrassed by it. If something like this has happened to you or someone you love, don’t wait any longer call and get information on successful drug rehab and detox programs available to help you.

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