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Painkillers in the Wrong Hands Lead to Addiction, says Shumlin

If you ask kids who are abusing prescription drugs how they got started, you’ll find that the vast majority got them from their parents’ medicine cabinets. And many of the others got them from their friends, who got them from their own parents’ medicine cabinets. Or maybe from the medicine cabinets of another relative, or a friend.

What does this tell you?

  1. You need to lock up any prescription drugs you have at home. Even if your kids won’t take them, it’s possible that their friends will. And it’s possibly that other family members might as well, even when they’re just visiting.
  2. Any prescription drugs you don’t need, you should take to a prescription drug drop-off location so they can be disposed of safely.

Why not just flush your drugs down the toilet? Because they wind up in our water. We drink it, and so do the animals and fish that wind up on our dinner table. Many studies have shown trace amounts of prescription drugs in our lakes and rivers, as well as our drinking water.

Of course, drugs also wind up in our water just by being eliminated naturally. Not all of the drugs are absorbed by the body, so they’re going to pass through our body and be eliminated as waste.

There’s no easy way to avoid the natural elimination, but we can certainly not add to the mess by flushing the drugs straight from the bottle in a concentrated form.

How Do Vermonters Get Rid of Old Prescription Drugs?

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is pushing for everyone in the state to turn in their old, unneeded prescription drugs at any one of the 25 drop-off boxes available throughout the state from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sept. 26 . To find the location nearest you, go to the DEA website or call 800-882-9539.

Any of those sites might also be open at different times so, if you can’t make it that day, give them a call and see when else you could come.

Drug addiction is a serious problem in Vermont. Governor Peter Shumlin has been very active in trying to handle the problem.

Why the focus on painkillers? “Painkillers in the wrong hands are what leads to drug addiction,” Gov. Shumlin told the Vermont Digger.

And it’s true. People can get addicted to these drugs very easily – even when they’re given them by their doctor and taken as prescribed. When they’re no longer able to get prescriptions from their doctors, they resort to getting the drugs from illegal drug dealers. And when they can’t afford them, they turn to heroin. Much cheaper, much easier to get.

There are 5,200 drop-off centers in the U.S. – some states have a hundred or more. And some are open every day, throughout the year.

If you’re in Vermont and have unneeded prescription drugs in your household, or know of others who do, call 800-882-9539 to find out how you can get rid of them safely.

You could save a lot of lives!

And if someone you know is already hooked on painkillers or any other drug, give us a call at 855-889-0555, and we’ll help you find a good drug rehab facility.

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