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Offer Drug Education and Addiction Help Before the ER Visit

A new program in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is attempting to educate people on the dangers of substance abuse before it becomes a problem. One of their methods is to survey people who come into hospital emergency rooms for heart palpitations and other conditions that are symptoms of drug abuse. They’re focus is to let people know about the dangers of drugs, and offer them addiction help if they ask for it.

I guess there’s a possibility that they’ll nip a few potential addictions in the bud. Someome who’s been taking drugs for a while might not bother going to a hospital for something like heart palpitations because they would already have experienced it in the past, know that it comes with the territory, and think the palpitations will pass.

Unfortunately for some, those heart palpitations won’t pass at all – the person could even wind up dead.

On the other hand, those who are new to drugs may not expect anything like that, get scared, and go to the hospital.  If they’re told that they can expect heart palpitations, and many, many other side effects, including drug addiction, which would undoubtedly lead to many other, even more serious problems, maybe they’ll think twice about doing it again.

Not too many parents actually educate their kids about drugs – although they might tell them not to take them – so a lot of people enter adulthood without understanding their consequences.

If you have a young adult family member who has not yet been told about heart palpitations, ER visits, and all the other disasters that can happen on drugs, make sure you educate them now. It would be a shame to have their first real education take place in an emergency room.

If there’s already a problem, get help through Addiction Help Services.

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