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Occasional Cocaine Use: It’s Never OK!

Lady Gaga, an American pop-star, has topped music charts and created controversy over some of her fairly risqué song topics and videos. She’s definitely got quite a following of fans, some of whom are younger girls who hear her music on radio stations around the US or buy her cds.
She recently did a photo shoot and feature article for Vanity Fair Magazine, which she’ll grace the cover of, for the September issue. In the article, she talked about her life and the drug abuse that went on, before becoming a household name. She also mentioned that she’s an “occasional” cocaine user.

She stressed the word occasional and clarified by saying it was only “a couple of times a year”.  She’s terrified of heroin, but occasionally using cocaine as if it’s no big deal.

In the article, after mentioning the cocaine, she went on to say that she didn’t condone drug abuse and would want her fans not to follow a path to disaster (drug addiction). Ok, what planet is this girl from? She knows she’s got a huge following of young, impressionable girls who tend to mimic super-star behavior. Stating that you do a little cocaine here and there is not anywhere close to being role model material. And perhaps she’s not trying to be a role model, but still, she must know that this isn’t good.

There are so many stars out there who think they’re above the law. Who think that they can do anything they want and there won’t be any major consequences because of wealth and fame. Look at Lindsay Lohan for goodness sake!

These celebrities are real people like you and me. Some of them have drug issues like any regular person can have. It appears that Lady Gaga could use some addiction help services. How often can someone “occasionally” use cocaine and not ever have any negative consequences? It could wind up being tragic!

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