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Not All Addiction Help Services Prepare Former Addicts for Life

Recovery homes for drug addicts frequently come under attack – as is the Kramer Center in Newport Beach. In this case, it might be deserved: the center doesn’t even have a license. The administrator of the center says there’s a misunderstanding about what licenses are required. Perhaps – but someone running a facility like that should make sure they understand the legalities. It’s their business.

The issue of recovery homes in residental neighborhoods is controversial: on one hand, it’s vital that people who are trying to stay off drugs have someplace to go where they can be productive, cared for, and won’t be tempted. That often does not describe the environment they came from – which might be why they were on drugs in the first place.

On the other hand, it’s possible that some people sent to recovery homes aren’t really ready for it. They may have stopped taking drugs, but they may not have gotten down to the bottom of why they were taking them in the first place and worked out how they’re going to cope with those issues in the future so they can live a life without drugs. 

People who have addressed those issues are ready to be productive members of society.  They’re not a threat to their environment. In fact, they often have more to contribute than others. They want to help. But they might need a temporary place to stay while they get a job, get a place, and so on.

Drug addicts who aren’t ready for that yet didn’t really get the full addiction help they needed, and they could be disruptive to a community.

Perhaps the real issue to address is the effectiveness of the addiction help services addicts are getting prior to going to a recovery home.

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