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Nevada Needs More Drug Addiction Help for Methamphetamine Problems

The Governor of Nevada requested a report on what to do about Nevada’s methamphetamine problems. The task force was headed by Nevada’s attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto. The report talks about combating the meth problem on four fronts: law enforcement, legislation, treatment and education/prevention. This four-pronged approach sounds just like the addiction help the state needs.

Nevada leads the nation in meth users, so this report and the execution of its recommendations are vital for the future of the state and the people who live there. How to deal with the problems that meth abuse presents are detailed in the report. Some of the problems mentioned include children of meth abusers and the amount of violent crime result from drug abuse.

It also emphasizes the need for more people to work in the addiction help industry – an industry with very high turnover.

Addiction help counselors currently make around $30,000 a year and the turnover at addiction treatment facilities runs at about 25% per year. Older workers are leaving the industry and, because of low pay and poor working conditions, new people aren’t coming on board to work with addicts.

Education and prevention will play a big role: It will be the most important element.  Teaching children early and often about the dangers of drug abuse should be on every state’s agenda, as will ensuring parents understand the problems drug and alcohol abuse present.

The Governor and the state are trying to tackle this problem head on, and we wish them well. If you, a family member or a friend need any help in Nevada because of drug addiction call us at Addiction Help Services.

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