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Needing Addiction Help for Alcohol is Nebraska’s Number One

According to a 2006 survey from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, 71% of all treatment admissions were related to alcohol. It’s not surprising that alcohol is the leading reason why people seek addiction help in Nebraska.
The Midwest has had lots of alcohol problems. Even high school students commonly binge drink.

Addiction to methamphetamines was also on the list at 13% of admissions, as is cocaine and marijuana. What’s missing is addiction to prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Ritalin or Adderall. It would be almost impossible that no one entered treatment for any prescription drugs. The survey is from 2006 but addiction to prescription drugs was already on its way to being an epidemic.

Nebraska and the rest of the Midwest needs to do something about underage drinking, that’s for sure. But it seems impossible that not many people went to treatment for prescription drug addiction, heroin or methadone. Find the addiction help services you or your family needs.

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