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Need for Addiction Help Hits the Suburbs

The idea of women living in suburban neighborhoods becoming addicted to prescription drugs seems almost impossible. If you are well educated and smart, how do you become a drug addict? In Jaime’s case, it started with a series of illnesses, injuries and painkillers. Then she couldn’t get off them. Years later she was still an addict and desperately in need of addiction help.

If you, like Jaime, don’t get the help as soon as you recognize there’s a problem, you wind up needing more and more to of the drug to achieve the same high. Jaime was taking 30 to 50 pills a day if she could get them. A friend tried to help her but she had all the normal excuses we hear at Addiction Help Services – the dog, the kids, the parents –  she just didn’t have time. Then she got lucky: she got busted and went to jail. She’s now out of prison, has gotten the addiction help she needed through drug rehab, and is now studying to be a drug counselor for teenagers.

Jaime wants to help kids before there is a problem. With all the prescription drugs available to kids these days, Jaime will be able to prevent many kids from taking drugs, and provide those who already have a problem with the addiction help services they need.

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