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More People Need Addiction Help Than You Think

Another journalist jumps on the prescription drug addiction bandwagon – this time it’s the Orion, from Cal State University. Every time I see something like this my hope is renewed; if we want people taking prescription drugs to realize they have a problem and get some addiction help, we need more and more articles about the problem in media that’s read by ‘everyday’ people – not just scientists and healthcare professionals who read specialist and medical journals. (Although I would guess that if more healthcare professionals read even those we wouldn’t have such a big problem.)

The writer of the editorial in the Orion discusses the prescription drug culture. “We have been taught that feeling pain – or anything for that matter – can be avoided,” he (or she) said.

And it’s not just physical pain we don’t have to feel; we also don’t have to feel unhappy, anxious, frightened, too tired, too awake, too stupid, uninterested, bored, frustrated, too fat, too thin – the list goes on and on.

No longer do we have to put up with those pesky physical, mental and emotional phenomena that tell us something is wrong with our body or our life so we can fix it.

In all fairness, there are many people who tried to resolve their problems before resorting to masking the symptoms with drugs – but how are those drugs working for you?  Do they still seem to be preferable to making the changes you had to make in your life?

Check out addiction help services. If you find the services that are right for you,  like a long-term residential drug rehab program that will help you address the prescription drug addiction or dependency problem and the reasons you felt you needed the drugs, you can turn your life around.

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