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More Addiction Help Available in Illinois

Illinois has come up with some innovative ways to fund drug courts. They’re adding $5 onto each traffic ticket and $10 onto each felony conviction. Especially since so many traffic accidents are caused by people who are drinking or taking drugs while driving and so many felony convictions now involved drug-related crime. But drug court isn’t the right place to get addiction help. By that time, that person you care about has already crossed the line into some kind of criminal activity. They have already hurt someone, and sometimes it’s a member of their own family, may even have killed someone, or they’ve stolen or damaged someone else’s property.

Addiction help really isn’t hard to come by. One of the reasons it gets to the point of criminality is because no one takes the bull by the horns to do something about it.

It’s amazing to consider that in one short block of just about any city or town there are several households dealing with alcohol or drug addiction every day, who don’t try to get addiction help and, more than nine times out of ten don’t even admit they have a problem.

If you are living in one of those households, do something to get the person the addiction help services they need. The earlier alcohol and drug addiction and abuse problems are caught, the higher the chances of successful rehab and recovery. But, it’s never too late. Make the decision to do something about it, and then do it. Finding the addiction help services you or a loved one needs will change your life, and it may save theirs.

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