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Less Addiction Help Needed As Doctors Required to Get Educated

Would fewer people become addicted to prescription painkillers like OxyContin or Vicodin if Massachusetts Rep. Steve Walsh’s bill passes?  Rep. Walsh wants doctors to be required to 10 hours of training on pain medications and pain management in order to get or renew their license. I think Rep. Walsh has the right idea. It would give doctors the knowledge they need to help stop the prescription drug epidemic and reduce the number of people needing addiction help for drugs they got from their doctor.

Massachusetts has a serious prescription drug problem – doctors should be made to study what happens when people become addicted to those drugs and what they have to go through to get the addiction help necessary to get off them.  They should also be made aware of and study the addictive nature of Valium and Xanax, which are often even harder to withdraw from than painkillers like methadone and OxyContin. In fact, they can be even worse than heroin.

If doctors understood more about the drugs they prescribe, they could ensure they prescribe the right dose for the right length of time.

One of the problems with prescription drug addiction and dependency is that it also increases the number of people using heroin. If a patient becomes addicted to or dependent on a prescription painkiller, they often turn to heroin when their prescription runs out. Heroin will continue to be a growing problem in Massachusetts as long as people are becoming addicted to OxyContin or other painkillers. Training the doctors, whether they’re applying for their license or renewing is a great idea. It will cut down on the need for addiction help services and it should be required in every state by every doctor.

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