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Lack of Addiction Help is Destroying Afghanistan. Is the U.S. Next?

We’ve heard various rumors of how terrorists are financed. According to a recent news article, the Taliban takes a 10% cut on Afghanistan’s opium production – obviously a big source of income. So, who’s financing terrorists? Everyone who uses heroin – from the hard core addict desperately in need of addiction help to the kid who buys a $2 hit of cheese heroin in the schoolyard.

Even more signficant are those who profit from it.  The article states that “In recent years, the Afghan government has rolled out plans to help wean addicts off opium and eradicate poppy fields,” and that the country “is under pressure from the international community to stop poppy cultivation.”

Let’s get real: We’re dealing with a country that supplies most of the world’s heroin. With that amount of money involved, there’s not much chance that pressure will be taken too seriously. The only thing likely to make a difference is to dry up the demand – getting everyone in the country the addiction help they need. But that’s also not likely to happen. Again, I’m sure those who are making big bucks off it will see to that.

Afghanistan, especially the southern part, has long had a casual attitude towards opium. Nearly a million people are addicted to heroin – including babies getting their thrice daily dose. The situation is so bad that many people in the country can’t really work. And the Taliban gets 10% of the take. The people are surrounded by enemies.

Isn’t that likely the future of any country with such a problem? Is the U.S. headed there with the prescription drug epidemic? Look at the lives of most heroin addicts – not a pretty site. Is there any reason to believe that OxyContin and other prescription painkillers won’t create the same lives? A country can’t be any more than the sum of it’s parts. There are a lot of reasons to ensure anyone you know with a drug problem gets addiction help services. Saving the country might be one of them.

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