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Kids Who Feel Different Might Use Drugs and Need Addiction Help

There’s a new book out with the unlikely title of: “Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient and Then Turned 16”. The book is just what it sounds like – the story of a boy who, by age 16, had been through more negative things than most people go through in a lifetime, only to end up getting addiction help while still a teen.

In a recent interview, author Moshe Kasher discusses what spurred this whole cycle into action.

“When I was growing up, I had a whole set of circumstances that made me feel like there was something fundamentally flawed about me. I went to therapy at age four, I had two deaf parents with a religious identity crisis, there were very few white kids at the school I went to, so there were a lot of things that made me feel different. When I got to middle school I felt even more different, but then I found the fuck-ups at the school and started doing drugs and I forgot that I felt different. That was part of the great seductiveness of drugs at that age – it was not recreational, it was therapeutic.”

I would like to know what percentage of people he thinks are taking drugs simply for recreation, with no therapeutic aspect to it whatsoever.

I think there is always a therapeutic element. After all, even boredom – which is probably what someone would say is their reason for taking drugs for recreational purposes only, boredom, something to do, etc. – is a state of mind.

Life is full of interesting things to be and do, to strive for, to improve, to enjoy. So how does a person get bored? Again, it’s a state of mind. Which means that if one takes drugs for that reason, there is a therapeutic reason for it; to change the person’s state of mind.

But one of the other major points here is the fact that he felt ‘different.’ It’s amazing how important it is for someone to feel they belong.

Feeling like one is part of something is a basic and very strong drive. Most people, especially kids, will gravitate towards whatever group they feel they can be part of.

If they are not provided with an opportunity to get involved in groups that are involved in beneficial activities, then there’s a good chance they’ll wind up with some other kind of group – which could well be the kids in school whose lives center around drugs.

To help keep your kids off drugs, help them find and get involved in activities that interest them. It’s not a guarantee, by any stretch of the imagination, but the longer you can keep your kids from getting into drugs and alcohol, the less chance there is of them ever needing a drug rehab program.

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