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Kelly Osbourne Regrets Being a Problem to Parents Before She Got Addiction Help

Kelly Osbourne said in a recent interview that she regrets having put her parents, Sharon and Ozzie, through ‘drug hell.’ Kelly was addicted to prescription painkillers for five years and went through three stints in drug rehab before she finally got the addiction help she needed and sorted herself out.

Now she’s looking back with remorse, realizing how difficult things were for her parents while she was on drugs. It makes you wonder why, if kids care so much about their parents and feel so bad about putting them through all that, why didn’t they think of that before they got into such trouble?

In the case of Kelly, and Sharon and Ozzie, I don’t know them other than their public persona. But I do know that a lot of teens and young adults don’t seem to be too aware that their parents are actually people – parents go through the same emotions as their kids. Maybe not about the same things, but that doesn’t mean they hurt any less.

Instead, kids seem to think of their parents as the people who pay for things, make sure there’s food in the house, and provide drives to school and extra-curricular or social activities.

They’re also the people who have to give permission to do just about anything other than the daily routine.

So how are you supposed to influence your kids so they either don’t get into drugs in the first place or, if they do experiment and get into trouble, talk to you about it so you can help them get into drug rehab or otherwise get through the problem quickly?

Believe it or not, one of the first steps is treating your kids the way you would like to be treated. Realizing that most parents have the same problems recognizing that their kids have the same emotions they do. Just the same, but the situation is reversed.

When you realize that about your kids, when you start listening to them and stop treating them as if what they think and feel doesn’t really matter, then they will also start listening to you. And you can educate them about drugs, etc.

It’s all about communication. And good communication starts with recognizing that what someone else thinks and feels and wants to do is important to them – even if you don’t agree with those things. The same goes for kids; they might not understand why it’s important for you to do some of the things you do either, but they should still respect it – as you should respect them.

That is the beginning of making sure your kids don’t get into trouble and, if they do, it doesn’t get serious – they have you to turn to and to talk to.

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