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Jail Time or Addiction Help?

Today, I came across a news release about a Nebraska man who was drunk at his drunk driving sentencing hearing. I have to admit that I chuckled a bit after reading the headline, and thought of the movie Arthur, before reading the entire article and the events that took place at his hearing.

It started out with the young man, Jason Botos, driving his car, and then all of a sudden, jumping the curb and hitting five other vehicles and critically injuring three people. He was scheduled to attend his sentencing hearing for his offenses this week, and he attempted to go to that hearing, but he was drunk. Not just a little drunk, he was inebriated and unable to stand up on his own.

His father drove him to the hearing and couldn’t even get Jason to the courtroom. And, the punishment for Jason not showing up? An arrest warrant was issued. He was arrested, taken to jail, and now will have an even heftier sentence than he would for the drunk driving alone.

While I believe that Jason should be in some sort of trouble for his actions, I also think that there is a very big underlying problem here, which is alcohol addiction. This man is getting absolutely smashed drunk to the point where he can’t stand up. This signals a major problem.

I think it’s crucial that he get into a good alcohol rehab program to actually handle the problem that got him into the mess that he’s in. If it’s not addressed, who knows what he’ll do when he’s done with his jail time? The consequences will most likely be quite tragic!

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